Our goal is to understand and serve the needs of our residents, neighborhoods, and greater community in order to improve the level of safety and quality of life in Oglesby. In pursuit of this goal, we have compiled and made available incident reports that could be of interest to the public. Take a look at recent occurrences below, and please reach out if you have any questions.

Phone scames.jpg


There have been numerous reports of lost and stolen bicycles that our officers have taken over the summer. If you are missing a bike, please reach out to us. Please be mindful of where  you are leaving your bikes and remind your children to lock them up at night!


Please never give out any personal information over the phone to someone you are not sure you are talking to. These scammers have the capability of changing the number they are calling from to look like a familiar number. Ask questions, and remind your loved ones to be aware of strange calls.


(815) 883-8404