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Citizen's Police Academy

Oglesby Police Department is looking to set up a CPA for eligible citizens. An eligible citizen would be anyone who lives, works, or conducts business in the city of Oglesby. An eligible attendant would be at least 18 years of age, and subject to a background check. 


Through interactive classes, the CPA would allow citizens to gain a better understanding of what law enforcement officers face in the everyday life as a police officer. Some topics discussed in the CPA are, officer safety and tactics, traffic stops, arrest and control tactics, use of force continuum, and more. It is the Oglesby Police department's goal to open new lines of communication with the people we serve. The CPA gives community members a "behind the scene" perspective into the nightly patrol officers conduct.

OCPA Class 001
02/23 - 05/23

Handgun and  Ammunition

Week 1 (02/21)

Gun Safety

To be determined..

Week 2 (02/28)

Arrest & Control Tactics

To be determined..

Image by Tito Texidor III
Image by AJ Colores

Week 3 (03/07)

Use of Force Continuum

To be determined..

Week 4 (03/14)

Traffic Stops

To be determined..

Image by Kenny Eliason
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