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Chief of Police
Doug Hayse

I am proud to serve as the Chief of Police of the historically rich city of Oglesby. I am pleased to have the opportunity of introducing you to the Oglesby Police Department. Through the helpful information contained on our website, you will find our agency is committed to addressing the concerns of our community. You will also discover the various services we provide to the citizens of Oglesby, credit for our success belongs to the officers’ hard work day-after-day, and the members of our community that we have built partnerships with.



It is my desire to continue to build those partnerships and friendships through community contacts. With the many challenges that face law enforcement today, I am extremely proud of our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police services to our city. I encourage you to navigate through our website, which reaffirms our commitment to proactively and responsively addressing the needs of our community, enhancing our public safety services and improving the quality of life in Oglesby.

Our Mission

The mission of the Oglesby Police Department is to devote professional police services to our community in order to safeguard life and property. We will accomplish this mission by forging a strong and lasting partnership with the members of our community built from trust and paid for with integrity. Together, we will work in unison with the community, concentrating our efforts on a proactive approach to prevent crime and compassionately help those who have been victimized.


Our Values

When we reflect upon our mission and plan for our future, we realize that there are certain values in which we will not compromise in the face of adversity and those values are;

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Compassion

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